Mastering Your Angular 2 Workflow with Augury (formerly Batarangle), TypeScript, Webpack and More

A webinar from members of Rangle's Angular 2.0 team

Workflow is a critical part of modern web application development, and one of the things that prompted Angular 2.0's technical direction was a goal to improve tooling. We have been heavily involved in this, building the Angular chrome dev tool Augury (formerly Batarangle) in collaboration with the Angular 2 core team.

This complete overview includes:

  • Augury (formerly Batarangle)
  • TypeScript, Babel, and the transpiler revolution
  • The impact of TypeScript decorators and metadata on workflow
  • Using Babel and ES2015 for Angular 2 development
  • Webpack, and other modern JavaScript build systems
  • Performance profiling of Angular 2 applications

Speaker's Bio:

Michael Bennett

Michael Bennett is a full stack developer who is passionate about JavaScript and its functional capabilities. He has been working with web technologies since the Mosaic era, and has a love for all things free, and open source.

Igor Krivanov

Igor Krivanov, a senior Rangle architect with 10 years of professional experience in design and development in a variety of computer systems. Igor’s passion is developing techniques suitable for large scale application development on the front-end.