Continuous Delivery and Adopting The Modern Web

Continuous Delivery accelerates the delivery, learning and feedback process. By creating a deployment pipeline that reaches from the developer’s machine to the production server, steps between written code and final deployment in production are largely automated.

Six Key Principles for Moving to Continuous Delivery


Small batch sizes focused on complete, deployable features.


Well documented, clean code delivered in atomic, well described and tested commits.


Single piece flow of code through the entire process.


Pervasive automation and documentation to remove waste in the process.


A thorough test suite to ensure that new features won't break old features.


A trusted foundation built on continuous improvement and staff empowerment.

The Benefits of Continuous Delivery are Massive

Continuous delivery accelerates a lot of the benefits gained from Agile processes by increasing feedback, removing more waste from the process and emphasizing single piece flow and small batch sizes in your development and deployment pipeline. These are small concepts that add up in a big way. In the early 80s Toyota built cars with just 10 person-hours of work versus the hundreds of hours of work that it took for more traditional car companies to achieve the same results. People do not see the waste of context switching and work-in-progress (WIP) management.

You Have a Unique Opportunity

Moving to modern JavaScript and responsive HTML5 usually means a new codebase, and that means a fresh start at improving your development process. For most companies, that means Agile, test-driven development, clean-code initiatives, and a UX-driven development process. Approaching these in a continuous delivery manner offers profound benefits and the glue that can tie all these initiatives together. And it can be started simply by getting good Git, code quality, testing, and continuous integration in place and then slowly evolving to continuous delivery. We can help you with your process consulting, building your entire initial or minimal viable product or help you specifically with effectively executing a stack migration to the modern web.