Angular Codegen and Precompile, plus Augury

Celebrating its third anniversary, the AngularJS Toronto meetup took place on May 17, 2016 at Rangle offices.

The meetup featured Google’s Angular core team member, Matias Niemelä, who talked about Angular Codegen and Precompile—features that allow you to run a smoother and faster build of your app. The meetup also featured Rangle’s very own Angular team members Vanessa Yuen and Sumit Arora, who walked through the new Angular 2 DevTool, Augury, available to be installed.

Augury is an open source effort with Google and

Angular Augury is now available on the Google Chrome Web Store


Speaker's Bio

Vanessa Yuen

Vanessa is a fullstack developer at, who worked extensively on the team that was creating the official developer tools for Angular 2. The team worked closely with the Angular 2 team at Google, and they’re now happy to present the results of their work to developers around the world: at NgConf in May, and at Ng-Europe this fall. Vanessa is also very active in the community, mentoring frequently with communities such as Node School, Kids Learning Code, and Ladies Learning Code.

Sumit Arora

Sumit's a full-stack web developer with extensive experience in building complex and scalable applications. He has expertise in process engineering and improvement, information architecture, software development best practices and analysis. His major interest lies in data visualizations and analysis. Karma is the lead influence in his life.