Migrate Your App to a Modern JavaScript Framework

Moving your technology stack, or part of it, to modern JavaScript frameworks such as Angular or React is a challenging task involving organizational, technical, and cultural shifts. Whether Java, .NET, Rails or Python, rewrites have historically been a high-risk endeavour not to be undertaken lightly.

Migrate Your App to Angular or React

We’ve helped businesses move their outdated, underperforming technology stacks to modern JavaScript frameworks. Our team works to mitigate risk, reuse software, and decouple your tech stack to build the front-end in modern JavaScript. Our tech stack migration and rewrite expertise includes:

  • Python to JavaScript
  • Rails to JavaScript
  • Java to JavaScript
  • .Net to JavaScript
  • AngularJS to Angular Rewrite
  • JavaScript to Typescript Rewrite

Rewriting Your Codebase Is Risky Without the Right Digital Transformation Partner

Without the right digital transformation partner, migrating or rewriting your application is a challenging endeavor.

  • The context of your original application is lost
  • Your scope creeps exponentially as you try to get it right this time
  • Your team may require training on advanced modern JavaScript
  • New practices to learn (Git, test-driven development, continuous integration)
  • New development processes to learn (Agile, Scrum, etc.)

Even with the right digital transformation partner, daunting organizational challenges remain.

  • You need to release new versions of software to your customers and can't afford to take two's off for a rewrite
  • There is a large risk your rewrite may end up going in the wrong direction due to being new to the technology and browser-centric web architecture practices
  • You still have skill gaps in the front-end engineering tier due to everyone being new to it.
  • Migrating to so many new processes means that even with a well-trained team, organizational adjustment and alignment issues might derail the entire project.

The opportunity costs of not serving your current market for too long is far higher than the cost of building the new software, and even if you had the budget to hire your missing skills, market realities mean you won't be able to hire those people fast enough.

How Rangle Works With You To Successfully Migrate Your App

  • Reuse as much of your software as you can by building a service-oriented architecture against your current codebase. Allocate 1/2 your team to this.
  • Allocate 1/4 of your team to support existing customer requirements and needs.
  • Partner with us as your front-end JavaScript and HTML5 development firm, but have the other 1/4 of your team integrate with us for knowledge transfer.
  • After your initial release, move more of your other team members on to the front-end engineering team and we will hand off the project to you.

Following this kind of plan, you can migrate to a modern JavaScript and HTML5 stack in under 9 months, radically reducing your risk and losses from being out of touch with your customer market.

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