Building Angular 2 Applications with Redux

With Evan Schultz, Software Developer at
In this talk, Evan Schultz provides a brief overview of the core concepts of Redux, and the benefits of a global immutable application state.
Aug 09, 2016

New Series: Rangle Talks, with Redux Creator Dan Abramov

Rangle CTO Yuri Takhteyev speaks with Redux creator Dan Abramov in this first edition of our new video series called Rangle Talks.
Jul 22, 2016

Using Redux with Angular 2

With Seth Davenport
In this talk, Rangle's Senior Developer Seth Davenport explores the basics of Redux and some effective ways to use it in Angular 2 with the ng2-redux bindings library.
Jul 14, 2016

Better Functional Architecture With Redux

Apr 11, 2016

Building React Applications with Redux

With Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at
Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at introduces Redux, a state container that can be used together with React to achieve sanity deeper down in your stack.
Mar 14, 2016

Why Redux is the Future of Angular 2.0 and React

With Yuri Takhteyev and Evan Schultz
In this webinar, Rangle’s CTO, Yuri Takhteyev, and Rangle’s lead Redux proponent, Evan Schultz, takes you through Redux and why you should consider using it for your upcoming Angular and React applications.
Jan 28, 2016