Augury (formerly Batarangle), the New Angular 2 Debugging Tool & the Gov'ts Move to AngularJS

Talks by's Colin Chan,’s CTO Yuri Takhyetev and senior architect Igor Krivanov

In this talk from the AngularJS Toronto Meetup on October 29, 2015, technology lead for, Colin Chan presents a case-study of the Government of Ontario’s move to AngularJS and the MEAN Stack.’s CTO Yuri Takhyetev and senior architect Igor Krivanov announce a new Chrome plug-in, Augury (formerly Batarangle), a tool to help inspect Angular 2 applications. We are looking to combine the best ideas from Batarang, ng-inspector, React Developer Tools, and Ember Inspector as well adding a few extras. In this talk the team will show progress to date, look under the hood a bit at implementation, and issue a call for ideas, use cases, alpha users and contributors.

Speakers Bio:

Colin Chan

Colin Chan was the technology team lead for, the Government of’s main public website. With a degree in electrical engineering, Colin brings a decade of experience across web development, devops and solution architecture, having been involved both directly and in a leadership position.

Yuri Takhteyev

Yuri is’s second developer, a former faculty member at the University of Toronto, and a published author. He is an expert in front-end and test-driven development, server-side development, UX and design. Yuri holds a M.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Information Management and Systems from the University of California, Berkeley. To hear more from Yuri, follow him on Twitter at @qaramazov.

Igor Krivanov

Igor Krivanov, a senior architect with 10 years of professional experience in design and development in a variety of computer systems. Igor’s passion is developing techniques suitable for large scale application development on the front-end.