Why React is Game-Changing for Customer Experiences

With Doug Riches and Nick Van Weerdenburg
In this webinar, learn the key business benefits of using React to build omnichannel solutions
Feb 22, 2017

Animations in React Native

With Bertrand Karerangabo, Software Developer at
This talk explores React Native's animation system while showcasing some of the most common patterns found in popular applications today.
Aug 05, 2016

Exploring React Tools and Practices, Plus Automatic UI Elements

With Seth Davenport and Abdella Ali, developers at
In this talk, Rangle developers explore React-based tooling and architectural choices that keep projects moving smoothly.
May 26, 2016

A Detailed Look at React Native

With Varun Vachhar, Senior Developer at
This webinar provides detailed examples of React Native components that introduce a new way to write native mobile apps.
May 18, 2016

Migrating from Web 2.0 jQuery Soup to Reusable React Components

With Michael Bennett, Senior Developer at
This webinar examines the ways in which we used to build rich components with jQuery a few years ago, and explores the concepts needed to move towards building a reusable react component with the same functionality.
Mar 31, 2016

Intro To React Native

With Varun Vachhar, Designer & Developer at
Rangle designer and developer Varun Vachhar introduces React Native to developers familiar with React by showing them how they can leverage their knowledge of web development to build native apps.
Mar 14, 2016

Building React Applications with Redux

With Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at
Yuri Takhteyev, CTO at introduces Redux, a state container that can be used together with React to achieve sanity deeper down in your stack.
Mar 14, 2016

Why Redux is the Future of Angular 2.0 and React

With Yuri Takhteyev and Evan Schultz
In this webinar, Rangle’s CTO, Yuri Takhteyev, and Rangle’s lead Redux proponent, Evan Schultz, takes you through Redux and why you should consider using it for your upcoming Angular and React applications.
Jan 28, 2016

Why React Native is Better than Native for Your Next Mobile Application

With Senior Developers at Neil Fenton and Andrej Knezevski
This webinar explores why React Native should be the choice for your next mobile web project.
Dec 22, 2015

5 Critical Practices to Make Agile Work for Angular, React and Backbone Projects

With Scrum leader Dave van Rees and CEO Nick van Weerdenburg
This webinar takes an in depth look at how to overcome the unique Agile challenges introduced when building single page applications using Angular, React, and Backbone.
Nov 18, 2015

How to Build Large Applications with React, Flux and Angular – 3 of the Most Exciting Technologies in Use Today

With CEO Nick van Weerdenburg, and CTO Yuri Takhteyev
This webinar will get you closer to answering the critical questions around what approach and stack to base future (and current) significant applications on. A must watch for all application architects and stakeholders.
Sep 30, 2015

What Rangle Has Learned About Modern JavaScript: 24+ Projects on with React & Angular

With Nick van Weerdenburg, CEO at
An address to ReactEurope attendees about what makes North America's leading next-generation full-stack JavaScript design and development firm.
Sep 29, 2015