Case Study


Taking the Long View: Panduit Innovates Plant Network Visualization

A Leader in Infrastructure Innovation

Born from innovation over 60 years ago, Panduit is a trusted industry leader and global manufacturer of physical technology equipment. The company provides power, communications, computing, control, and security systems in over 120 countries.

Real-Time Visualization of Industrial Environments

To bridge the gap between industrial IT professionals and the plant floor, Panduit created the IntraVUE™ platform. IntraVUE™ leverages real-time visualization and monitoring and captures data at-a-glance, diagnosing network problems from any location and accelerating troubleshooting with advanced analytics.

Making the Move to a Modern Tech Stack

Panduit’s existing IntraVUE™ platform required a more intuitive and modern user interface to give network administrators information at a glance. This required modernizing the technology stack to improve performance and development efficiency. As a fellow innovator, Panduit chose to work with Rangle due to the company's past experience modernizing legacy technology, as well as a proven understanding of design process and usability.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Design for Presenting Complex Information

Panduit and Rangle prioritized accessibility criteria to provide a tool that would be legible to users with vision impairments, and display properly across different screen sizes and operating systems. No detail went unexamined when it came to color contrast, typography, and overarching web standards.

Intuitive, User-Friendly Design for Presenting Complex Information

Driven by User Feedback

After having created the previous version of IntraVUE™, Panduit had a good understanding of what was required to bring it up to date and improve usability. The Rangle team tested and incorporated user feedback throughout the design and development process, refining usability and product requirements quickly.

“The Rangle team brought a high level of expertise in a way that felt like they were a part of our own team. Throughout the process, there was little need for working through management because the team was self-organizing and 100% dedicated to our customer’s goal.”

Jim McGlaughlin, Software Delivery Manager, Panduit

Business Benefits

  • IntraVUE™ empowers professionals to shift to a proactive approach to documentation and uptime, which can greatly improve both the uptime and performance of critical, real-time networks.
  • Positive feedback from Panduit customers on how IntraVUE™ is helping them improve their business.
  • A hint into the future of the platform and how it will continue to evolve to solve Panduit’s customers’ needs.
  • The Panduit development team was trained on the new technology stack, enabling them to continue enhancing the platform in-house.
Business Benefits