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Meet the masters of digital disruption who are leading the charge with you.

Rangle isn’t just a groundbreaking team of industry leaders - we are your partners in innovation. Our skilled experts are obsessed with turning great ideas into reality, and getting them to market fast. Built on a foundation of strategy, design ingenuity and unmatched JavaScript expertise, Rangle instills confidence in innovation. This is who we are.

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Leadership Team

Nick van Weerdenburg's photo Nick van Weerdenburg's photo

Nick Van Weerdenburg

Chief Executive Officer

Nick is Rangle’s founder and leader of business development and strategy. He brings 15+ years of experience in innovation, development, sales, marketing and consulting. Nick is fuelled by a passion for building a new type of company that is unparalleled at partnering with clients through collaboration and innovation.

Yuri Takhteyev's photo Yuri Takhteyev's photo

Yuri Takhteyev

Chief Technology Officer

As a developer, researcher and leader in the software industry for over 17 years, Yuri approaches development from technical, organizational, economic, sociological and cultural perspectives. He draws on his Silicon Valley adventures, research at Stanford and Berkeley, and teaching experience at the University of Toronto.

Camas Winsor's photo Camas Winsor's photo

Camas Winsor

Chief Operating Officer

With 15+ years of experience in multiple fast-growth tech companies, Camas oversees account growth and product strategy capabilities. She drives successful client partnerships and outcomes through her vertical leadership and ensures the production of innovative work that transforms our clients.

Michael Michael

Michael "Howie" Howatson

Executive Creative Director

A true digital native with 25+ years of experience, Howie disrupts the digital landscape through his belief in dreaming without limitation while being tempered by actionable strategies and tactics. He delivers meaningful experiences through expert design thinking and strategy.

Angela Hountalas' photo Angela Hountalas' photo

Angela Hountalas

VP, People

Angela is an accomplished human resource executive who leads change, develops Agile leadership and strong cultures to achieve profitable growth. She has spent her career in global professional services organizations such as EDS, EY, Cap Gemini, and CGI.

Young Kim's photo Young Kim's photo

Young Kim

Chief Financial Officer

With 20 years of experience in senior management roles, Young is a seasoned financial veteran. A graduate of the University of Toronto, he received his Chartered Accountant designation in 1993 and is an active member of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Canada.

Kamal Syan's photo Kamal Syan's photo

Kamal Syan

SVP, Delivery

Throughout his 20+ years of experience in business, delivery, and client services, Kamal has demonstrated a proven ability to deliver transformative outcomes. As a seasoned agency veteran Kamal is committed to delivering successful projects in rapidly evolving environments.

Dale Simpson's photo Dale Simpson's photo

Dale Simpson

VP, Delivery

Dale brings over 20 years of software delivery experience to Rangle. He is passionate about cultivating effective, high performing teams with a strong commitment to quality, software craftsmanship, and a continual focus on delivering high-impact business outcomes.

Doug Riches photo Doug Riches photo

Doug Riches

VP, Architecture
& Innovation

A technology leader in the web and software industry since 2003, Doug specializes in Enterprise Architecture, JavaScript, Objective-C, Swift, and user experience design best practices. Doug’s work includes clients such as Adidas, Dell, Rolex, Scotiabank, CitiBank and NASA.

Brian Yee's photo Brian Yee's photo

Brian Yee

Head of
Product Management

Brian brings a proven track record of delivering solutions that marry customer value and business impact. Brian is a trusted leader, able to define strategies and oversee successful product launches. His passion stems from a conviction to bring customer-centric products to life.

Business Development

Graydon Gough's photo Graydon Gough's photo

Graydon Gough

Director, Business Development
Brendon Montgomery's photo Brendon Montgomery's photo

Brendon Montgomery

Director, Business Development