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JavaScript Training and Enablement

As North America’s largest JavaScript solutions firm, we are the ideal partner for simultaneously building your product and enabling your team. Your team will learn the programming language of the web, from the fundamentals to the most advanced, with our experts.

Working Together

In our experience, the best way to do training is to always be working together. When we engage with you on a development project, we’re never just building an application and “throwing it over the wall.” We work side-by-side with your team, training them on best practices in React and Angular.

We can share experiences along the way and learn together as we go, not just at the end. Knowledge is better retained this way and it’s spread across your entire team, not just with a few stakeholders who happen to be present on “handoff day.”

By working in this integrated fashion, we can:

  • Identify and resolve gaps in technical understanding.
  • Refine your development process.
  • Drive faster applied learning.
  • Ensure that you build the right solution, the first time.

What’s important to us is that you feel comfortable and confident with what you own. We won’t leave you stranded - we’ll train your team on the technical details. We’ll walk them through the code and explain not just how we built it, but why we made the decisions we did. We’ll provide our recommendations on how to scale the experience and the best tools, processes and ideologies to follow to succeed. Your team will have the confidence to continue scaling and maintaining your product because they’ve been involved all along the way.

Custom Training for Your Team

There are multiple paths for team training, depending on the current needs and abilities of your organization. We customize our training model for your specific needs, but typically, we work with clients under the following scenarios:

Situation Training Model
Moving to the latest version of React or Angular from an older version; or general skills refresh Pair programming and/or workshops as a way of building your product while simultaneously training your team on JavaScript
Moving to React or Angular from a different tech stack (e.g., C#, Java) In-class training followed by hands-on migration of your tech stack
Onboarding new hires In-depth walk-through of your codebase, architecture choices, and documentation; subsequent integration with an ongoing project to ensure a smooth transition
The Rangle Training Advantage

Rangle is an industry leader in JavaScript training. Our consultants have taught thousands of developers at all levels the key elements of modern JavaScript, best practices for using the React and Angular frameworks, and how to select and deploy the tools needed to support rapid development.

Our training ensures maximum effectiveness by incorporating modern, evidence-based teaching practices into what we do and how we do it.

These practices are to teaching what unit testing, code review, and continuous integration are to software development. Our clients are already reaping the benefits of these changes, and our constant iteration of our curriculum ensures that Rangle continues to be an industry leader in high-value training.

Benefits of Simultaneous Training & Development:

Every client will have different outcomes from training, but we have seen client teams improve performance by:

  • Integrating cross-department teams.
  • Aligning intra-team communications.
  • Delivering software faster by identifying smaller increment of value
  • Building software that is designed for scalability and performance.
  • Delivering software more frequently by setting up a Continuous Delivery pipeline and identifying appropriate tooling.
  • Reducing technical debt.
  • Decreasing the number of defects.
Team Enablement For Your Team

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