Angular Custom Training

Our Experts. Your Needs. Up to Date Angular Training, Personalized for Your Team.

Angular has major technical and strategic impact for the long-term value of an application. Let us ramp up your team’s knowledge of the fundamentals and best practices with custom course material designed and delivered to address their immediate needs.

Why customize?

Be in control.
Outline specific goals and leverage our expertise, on our site or yours, to achieve them.

Learn from the best.
As the premier JavaScript design and development firm in North America, we’ve been working with beta releases of Angular since December 2015. Our team also created Augury, the official Angular DevTool for navigating, inspecting and debugging your Angular applications.

Make it quick.
Looming deadlines? No problem. Whether it’s a crash course over 2 days or a more intensive 5-day course, our aim is to get your team up to speed, quickly.

Build it right the first time.
Theory only goes so far. We can tailor instruction directly to your application needs, so you see immediate value and results.

Custom Training is Ideal For:
  • Enterprises who require training for Angular1.x to Angular 5
  • Teams building out products on Angular
  • Teams faced with tight deadlines who require a quick transition to Angular
  • Teams seeking to migrate their tech stack to Angular
  • Fast-moving startups looking to ramp up quickly on Angular

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