Rangle Flow

A Better Way To Build Software

Rangle Flow is an application development process we designed to help our clients build the best software using modern JavaScript development. You’ll acquire more insight and transparency into your product development and an increase in communication across the team which allows you to steer your project with a high level of precision. With Rangle Flow, you’ll get to market faster with the right product and the confidence that you’re making the best strategic decisions for your business.

More Speed

Be efficient. Our automated and repeatable process is second to none. Your product starts to take shape in days, not months.

Pure Performance

Our co-located complete teams build your product. Every team member is involved from the beginning to produce excellent alignment.

Additional Flexibility

Our process adapts to your priorities. One week sprints with daily standups, weekly sprint planning, and retrospectives, allow you to make precise decisions while adjusting to shifting market demands.

Better Communication

Be informed. Our Scrum Masters are experts in team dynamics and project planning. Receive constant feedback through weekly demos with stakeholders and testing with end-users.

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We'll show you how we use Lean UX and leading JavaScript frameworks to create your next-generation web and mobile applications.

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Here's How Rangle Flow Works

Defining Your Project Focus

Our product design teams help clarify requirements and works with you to develop your product vision and communicate it with the team. They help you focus on the things your customers value and do this by applying Lean UX, Design Thinking and Lean Startup principles. You’ll get incredible insight into what your customers really want and what motivates them to use and love your product.

Creating the Perfect Kick Off

Only have a product owner or a few stakeholders? That’s all we need to get started! No product definition or requirements needed. Our teams will work with you to uncover the most important priorities, so we can start building your product immediately.

Starting Each Sprint The Right Way

Employ Agile project planning methods so that you don’t just feature build, but instead drive real business value. Through the benefits of continuous delivery and our QA process we help you to define the acceptance criteria and testing features you need. We ensure stories and features have been properly tested for every scenario and scale. We also deliver designs from research and concept to final delivery.

Beyond the Build

The Rangle Delivery Process ensures the best possible version 1.0 of your product. As real users start to use your solution, a new opportunity for value creation begins. By capturing detailed usage data, sending it to an analytics server and computing success metrics, the impact of your property can be measured. By implementing a build-measure-learn process, you can run experiments that provide hard data that guide your priorities. A continuous deployment strategy shortens cycle times and reduces your costs, thus establishing an efficient, continuous learning and innovation business process.

Achieving More Through Delivery Plus Training

At the end of our engagement we ensure that your internal team can continue to implement the work required on your delivery project. We set you up for success by coaching your team on best practices so they have a solid foundation to meet your objectives. We’re always a phone call away, if you ever want to extend an engagement or call us for advice.

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