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We offer our employees a truly unique and stimulating work experience. We believe work should be fun and rewarding, and people bring this to life.

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The Hiring Process

Finding great talent is all about finding the right fit, both for Rangle and for you. Whether it's a detailed screening of your application, setting up an initial phone interview at a time that is most convenient for you or inviting you into our office to experience our culture and meet our diverse talent, we take a very personalized and transparent approach to talent acquisition.

What does the interview process really look like?

  • Phone Screening: An opportunity to let your personality shine beyond what's outlined in your CV.

  • Person-to-Person Meeting: Come in and meet with various members of the team, from talent to senior management. We'll even send you home with a book of our choice just for stopping by!

  • Take-Home Challenge: We'll put your skills to the test. We want to see how you innovate and problem solve.

  • We recognize that the tech space is rapidly changing. If Rangle is not a fit today, it may be tomorrow. We always stay connected and encourage you to do the same.

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