Rangle.io and Sprout Release New Case Study at Web Unleashed: ‘How to Create a Winning Hybrid Mobile App’

September 16, 2015

TORONTO, ON – On September 16, 2015 at the Web Unleashed conference taking place in Toronto, Nick Van Weerdenburg, CEO at Rangle.io, and Andrey Feldman, VP of Product at Sprout, will come together to present a new case study on creating a winning hybrid mobile application. The case study is a perfect example of 2 fast-growth Canadian startups benefiting from innovating together. With Rangle.io’s support, Sprout created a health & wellness social engagement application that’s being used today by thousands.

“We weren’t sure at first if we wanted to develop a hybrid mobile application, as opposed to going native,” says Andrey Feldman, VP of Product at Sprout. "Partnering with Rangle.io allowed us to understand the tradeoffs and benefits, see what is possible, and ultimately pick the right direction for the company. We used Angular and Ionic Framework, and got our product on multiple platforms and devices fast and within budget. Since working with Rangle.io, we’ve been able to take an iterative approach and have continued to improve our app as we’ve tested it with our user community.”

“We were thrilled to be working with an exciting startup that is making waves and improving the health of people globally. Working with Sprout was also an excellent experience. Our JavaScript team of experts had the opportunity to guide and coach theirs, and we overcame a variety of complex technical challenges together,” says Nick Van Weerdenburg, CEO of Rangle.io.

Nick and Andrey’s talk during Web Unleashed promises to reveal many of the key challenges that the two companies overcame when creating the application. How do you get native-like transitions and deal with large datasets? How do you accommodate an amazing user experience for enterprise businesses who will use the application with their workforce? How do you create an effective application development partnership as a startup? They will talk about all of this and more to an audience of enthusiastic web developers attending the annual front-end web development conference held by FITC. Many of the 600+ attendees themselves will be eager to hear more and gain valuable insights from this Canadian Lean Startup success story for when they too will be creating more amazing products for web and mobile.

To attend and cover Sprout & Rangle.io’s talk during Web Unleashed, to arrange for interviews with the app creators, or get an app demo, please be in touch.

About Sprout

Sprout is a leading, innovative Canadian startup with offices in Toronto and Vancouver, creating social health and wellness engagement solutions to help co-workers get fit together, improve their wellbeing and lead a healthier lifestyle. In 2014 Sprout partnered with Rangle.io to work together on their first mobile application. Today the application is used by thousands of users every day. Sprout is a Nike+/TechStars accelerator graduate with major investors such as TechStars and Telus Ventures.

About Rangle.io

Founded in May 2013 by 17-year web and enterprise software veteran, Nick Van Weerdenburg, Rangle.io plans, designs and builds modern applications through continuous delivery while extending and coaching client teams. Rangle.io is built around a culture of innovation with passionate web developers, who are creating positive social impact by improving how software is built and subsequently experienced.

To attend and cover Sprout & Rangle.io’s talk during Web Unleashed, to arrange for interviews with the app creators, or get an app demo, please be in touch.